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Friday Favorites

Like many of you, I have been shopping safely from the comfort of my home these past couple of months. Groceries, small kitchen appliances, beauty products, accessories and even house plants, you can shop for anything online!

Each week I will share a list of my five favorite products or items I am loving and couldn’t live without all from brands that I have confirmed have committed to taking action against racism and injustice!

Here are 5 must haves for summer…

1. Quench Hydrating Booster

This Hyaluronic acid will lock in essential hydration for radiant, supple skin. Pair with your serums and/or moisturizers to boost results. Good for all skin types. However, you need to hurry because it is low in stock and will not return until mid July! Click HERE to grab yours.

In an independent clinical study, participants experienced significantly increased hydration immediately after application.

  • 100% reported skin felt immediately softer and more supple.
  • 100% displayed significant improvement in overall visible skin health
  • 100% displayed significant improvement in visible texture and smoothness
  • 100% displayed significant improvement in visible deep lines and wrinkles
  • 100% displayed significant improvement in visible radiance and luminosity

*Results of an independent 4-week clinical study of 30 women and men aged 36-65 used. Results may vary.

2. Pura Smart Device

I love a good smelling house but cannot be trusted with candles. This has been one of the best Facebook Ad purchases I ever made. I have one for my lower level with energizing fruity smells and one that I keep near my bedroom with more restful and relaxing lavender. Each device holds two scents and you control which is turned on and for how long during the day. There is even a night light!

The Nest and Capri Blue scents are my favorite! Shop HERE and use code RENE15OFF for 15% off your order.

3. Stella & Dot, Rainbow Renegade

This beauty is a summer staple! The colors are gorgeous and I love you can just throw it on as a long necklace or wrap it around your wrist to wear as a bracelet. This will be great with your white tees and sundresses! Click HERE to see this in closer detail and shop!

4. Peds No Show Socks

These are the first no show socks I have had that actually stay on your feet. I’ll admit, I was influenced from IG and I’m not sorry about the purchase. I love these for summer when things get a little more hot and humid! They’re perfect for my sneakers. Shop them HERE.

5. Monat Unknot Detangler 

I have been a Monat hair products loyalist for over 3 years because they have completely transformed my hair. This is one of their newest products and it’s already favorite for summer! It leaves my hair feeling soft, detangled, and conditioned plus it protects my color. I’m a Monat VIP and if you want to become one too you can save $20 on your first order with my referral link HERE.

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