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How to Deal with the Dreaded Maskne

Have you heard of Maskne before now? When I mentioned it to my husband the other day, he thought I was crazy. But it’s absolutely a thing.

So, what exactly is Maskne (pronounced mask-knee)? It is the combination of sweat, oil, and moisture from prolonged breathing under a mask. This can clog your pores, therefore, causing an acne flare up.

Chances are you live in an area like me where masks are required in public places. Or maybe you are a Front Line worker (aka, HERO so thank you very much for all you do) and you have no choice but to wear one for 8+ hours a day.

Since I recently went back to the Pilates studio (shout out Club Pilates, Germantown) where it is required to wear a mask during our 50 minute workout I noticed more and more small breakouts around my mouth and cheek areas.

I heard the word Maskne referenced somewhere so I immediately went to Google to conduct my research on how to prevent this from happening to me! I mean, I am 43 years old! Who wants to deal with acne breakouts at this age?

Here are a few of my findings that will hopefully help you too!

My Top 5 Tips & Products from Ever Skincare to deal with Maskne

If you are new to Ever Skincare, we are offer CLEANICAL (clean products backed by clinical results) skincare and makeup. We adhere to European formulating guidelines and we go above and beyond to intentionally exclude additional ingredients known to increase skin sensitivity or disrupt the environment!

Using my “cleanical” EVER Skincare products, I pulled together the following steps for you to deal with Maskne.

Step 1:

Simplify your day time skincare routine. Choose a gentle, oil free cleanser to wash your face before putting your mask on. The one I like to use, especially during our hot and humid summers, is Reblance Gentle Purifying Cleanser. This ultra-gentle foaming gel cleanser with salicylic acid, removes impurities while helping to reduce the appearance of blemishes and bumps. 

Then apply your moisturizer with SPF. I love using Daylight, our tinted moisturizer with SPF 32 (see next step!)

Pro tip: Your moisturizer will serve double duty! Besides moisturizing the skin, it can also protect it from mask friction!

Step 2:

Break-up with your make-up. Trapped makeup behind your mask can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. If this is a non-negotiable for you, try to play up your eye area and substitute a tinted moisturizer with SPF like Daylight from EVER for your foundation.

Step 3:

Bring your cleanser with you. If you sweat underneath your mask try using a Micellar Water to do a quick wash when you remove it. Because of it’s portability, you can carry a bottle of Beauty Water in your bag along with a few organic cotton rounds for convenient cleansing and refreshing! 

Step 4:

Use a spot treatment. If you do end up with the dreaded maskne, try using a spot treatment like our Remedy Blemish and Dark Spot Corrector. The salicylic acid helps clear pores while the Canadian willowherb is clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of redness and minimize irritation.

Remedy Spot Treatment

Step 5:

Hop on the Retinol Bandwagon. Now is also a good time to hop on, if you haven’t already. Retinol speeds up cell turnover which prevents dead skin cells from clogging your pores. I absolutely adore (and could not live without) Ever’s Overnight Facial Cellular Renewal Oil.

You’ll want to start by using 3 nights a week with a dime-sized amount and gradually increase the frequency from there.

Overnight Facial Oil

Is Maskne a concern of yous? Leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you. Because of COVID-19, I think we will be wearing masks for quite some time. If you follow the right skin care routine, you can help lessen mask-related skin damage and breakouts.

Also good to note, increased stress and diet are two leading causes of acne flare ups. Make sure to get plenty of sleep and limit the amount of “comfort food” you enjoy during the week!

And lastly, please note I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV 🙂 I am suggesting products I use and love from a brand I rep. Always consult with your dermatologist if you are seeing more serious skin issues or if your irritation is not clearing up as it could be more than an acne flare up.

Want even more info on Maskne? I found this article and this article incredibly helpful.

Interested in hearing more about Ever’s line of cleanical skin care products and make-up? Let’s schedule a 1:1 or check out this post where I go into great detail on the products I use during my night time routine!


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