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Say Good Bye to Oily Skin!

Do you have oily skin? Are you constantly fighting the shine and breakouts? Then I may have a solution for you!

While I do not have oily skin all year long, I notice that when the heat and humidity index goes up, so does my shine factor. This is why I am so excited to try the new Shine Shield Oil Control Mattifying Gel from Ever Skincare.

This lightweight gel moisturizer takes you from oil-prone to prone-to-perfection. It will keep your skin hydrated while banishing away shine and visible pores for a gorgeously matte complexion, all day long.

Shine Shield is formulated with a powerful combination of Niacinamide and Lemon Myrtle extract to help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and control excess surface oil, keeping you shine-free all day.

Why Shine Shield is Different:

OIL CONTROL: Non-comedogenic formula helps balance oil-prone skin, reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, keeps blemishes in check, plus brightens spots from past breakouts.

HYDRATING: Lightweight gel moisturizer delivers a perfect dose of hydration with Hyaluronic Acid to help keep skin hydrated and comfortable.

HI-TECH FORMULA: Upon contact, this gel moisturizer dries-down transforming into a welcome, shine-free finish.

Oily Skin Shine Control

5 Easy Steps to beat the Summer Heat and Say Good Bye to Oily Skin and Shine!

I’ve been using Ever Skincare’s products for over 5 years now. I love that when combined, they work even better together!

Here are a few of my favorites help you beat this summer heat and get your balanced and shine-free complexion. Just follow these 5 Steps:

First: Mask with PURIFY Deep Clean Detox Mask

Second: Cleanse with REBALANCE Gentle Purifying Cleanser for oily skin and/or BEAUTY WATER

Third: Apply Shine Shield

Fourth: Follow with CANVAS Priming Moisturizer SPF 30.

Fifth: Finish with BLUR Perfecting Face Powder for the true matte effect

Oily skin shine control

Interested in giving these products a try? All Ever Skincare is backed by a 45 day money back guarantee. I added these 5 items to a cart for you with special pricing! Check them out HERE and feel free to edit your cart as you see fit!

Want to hear more about my night time routine? Click HERE see the products I use regularly.

Have you ever tried Shine Shield from Ever or have you used a different oil control mattifying gel before? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think!


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