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What it’s like to be a Stella & Dot Ambassador

I am coming up on my 10 year Stella-versary in September and I thought it would be fun to share more with you about what it is like to be a Stella & Dot Ambassador. First, you may be wondering who or what Stella & Dot actually is?

Stella and Dot are actually real people. The company was named after our CEO and Founder, Jessica Herrin’s and our CCO Blythe Harris’ grandmothers. Stella & Dot honors that generation of women who crossed oceans, rolled up their sleeves, won the vote, raised kids, went of to work and did it all with style and grace. (So inspiring amiright?)

Stella & Dot is a social retail platform that gives women the tools to run their own businesses from anywhere, anytime. We specialize in clean beauty, elevated fashion, and one of a kind jewelry designed for every woman. Our mission is to give women a modern way to earn flexible income that works when they do and helps them create a life they love.

Our positive and inspiring community goes beyond business and offers life coaching and recognition to fuel the personal growth and development of our community. To date, we’ve helped women earn $500+ million in commissions.

My Stella & Dot Story

To be completely honest, when I hit the join button in 2010 to become a Stella & Dot Ambassador I was doing it as a “kit knapper” – this is what we call those who sign up for the enrollment kit with no intention of selling the products. I wanted a few pieces of jewelry to up my accessories game and it was a lot cheaper to sign up for the kit then to just purchase what I wanted.

After digging in a little bit I decided I would actually give it a go. Knowing no one, I attended a Home Office led Bootcamp in Northern Virginia with our CEO and Founder, Jessica Herrin. That in itself was a major accomplishment for this Introvert right here! From that moment of meeting her and the other women in attendance, I was hooked. I didn’t realize until that event how much I was longing for a community to belong to.

Me and Jessica Herrin
This past January at Jessica’s home for a leader event.

Now, I look back at the past 10 years and can’t imagine not being a Stella & Dot Ambassador. There are so many amazing memories and the countless women I have met through events, the national conventions and leadership conferences, and I cannot forget all the free product and perks! We’ll get to those in a minute!

Earning a Gucci bag this year was one of my most proud moments.

Is Stella & Dot just another MLM?

My answer here is a hard, “NO!”

The number one objection I hear when I speak with others about joining is that MLM’s are “icky” and they just can’t see themselves doing “that kinda thing!”

I absolutely agree that some MLM’s are icky and their sales tactics give all social retail companies a bad rep. As a Stella & Dot Ambassador, I always tell people that I am in the business of sharing and not selling. I did not have any sales training or experience before joining but just a genuine interest in sharing products I use and love with my friends and family.

All this sharing of products has allowed me to meet 100’s of women at in person events and online. For referring my services and products, the “referrer” or “host” is rewarded with free products as a thank you and those who shop with me are given access to specials not available by just going online to the website! I definitely don’t think any of that sounds icky! 

How do I share Stella & Dot?

There are many ways to share Stella & Dot as an Ambassador with our “You Do You” model. You do what works best for you and your personal situation. Currently in 2020, Covid-19 has most of us, including myself working safely from home. I share Stella & Dot through my Facebook VIP Group, customer newsletters, and Instagram (when I remember to post – oops).

I also partner with other women who want to share Stella & Dot with their friends and family and we do that a number of ways. Most common right now is through Zoom or a private Facebook Group for a period of 3-5 days.

Before Covid-19 I loved going into other women’s homes to share our products in person. It was a fun and casual shopping experience that lasted about 90 minutes. It was such a nice way to meet others. I would also do Pop Up Shops in small businesses in my neighborhood as well to meet new people.

Stella & Dot Ambassador
Popping up at my local Club Pilates!

If you are worried you don’t know enough people, consider this. When you are just starting out you will begin sharing with your friends and family who of course want to support you and see you succeed. From there, think of it like a tree. Your friends and family are your solid roots and then their friends/family are the branches of the tree. You can see how this just gets bigger and bigger and how your business will grow.

Do I need to be social media savvy or IG famous to be successful?

Again, I have a very quick and hard, “NO” for you!

Over the years I have seen women from all different types of backgrounds with different interests have success with Stella & Dot. Some preferred in home events while others only did online. Some are social media mavens while others don’t even have a Facebook account.

However, I would say that being on social media is helpful, especially now in times of Covid-19 when some of us cannot just pop up at the neighborhood business to meet people.

If you aren’t well versed in how to use Facebook or Instagram, S&D has a ton of training available to you in our Self Made University (which BTW is open to everyone, not just our Ambassadors to take advantage of). Plus when you join us as an Ambassador, you get a Mentor (which could be me) who loves helping in this area!

But can I actually make money?

Yes! If making money is your goal, then 100% you can make money as an Ambassador. Over the past 10 years I have learned how to make the most of the perks provided to me as an Ambassador so that I am keeping my profits in my pockets! And as your Mentor (if you will have me) I will be able to share those tips with you!

With S&D you start earning 20% commission on everything you sell and you can earn up to 40%. You have have the option to earn coaching commissions if you decide to lead a team.

For those looking to make money with S&D the main thing is to treat it like a business from day one. You want to watch how much money you are putting back into it each month compared to how much you are making.

For example, you don’t need the entire line in your sample collection to share and sell it. S&D provides you with marketing images and our community of Ambassadors share a ton for you to use too!

Of course, we have people who enroll with us for the personal discount and to share with friends on occasion. That is perfectly fine too! There is no wrong or right way to do it – you do you!

Do I need to carry inventory?

No! Carrying inventory is something I am strongly against.

You purchase (or get free!) only what you want and no one tells you what you have to buy. Anything you choose to purchase (with your discounts) is now your personal product. You wear and share and if you are doing an in person event, your products are used as your samples for others to see and try on.

Sharing the Style as a Stella & Dot Ambassador
Set up at an in home event last year.

At the end of a season when items retire you can choose to keep them for your personal collection or you offer your clients something we call a Sample Sale. You may have a hard time in the beginning parting with all your pretties, but trust me, as the years go by, you’ll thank me for telling you about this!

What if I know nothing about sales or the products? Especially skincare!

No worries – we got you! From the minute you sign up you can access Self Made University in your Ambassador Lounge. We offer training on all the topics you need most. Plus you have a Mentor (that’s me!) and you are on a team of amazing women who have your back from day one.

If you have been following S&D for some time, you know that just this year we merged our 3 brands into one big happy family. Before this I was always a Stella gal. I used Ever and I had a rep I purchased Keep from. When we merged I never imagined myself sharing Skincare with others but with a little training I was doing so successfully in just a week and I absolutely love it! I share a lot about Ever over here on the blog. HERE is one of my first posts!

Sharing skincare as a Stella & Dot Ambassador
Sharing clean beauty products is one of my favorite parts of being a Stella & Dot Ambassador!

Again, I need to mention that our opportunity is 100% you do you. If you do not want to sell skincare there is no expectation that you do. If your passion is skincare but you don’t want to be bothered with selling accessories, that’s fine too! My favorite part is that I still get the personal discount and perks to use across all the brands. This means I never have to pay full price for my personal use skincare, jewelry, bags and apparel again. Plus, in most cases, it’s all a tax write off!

What does it cost to join?

Our enrollment kit is $99 with the option to upgrade. For $99 you will receive a welcome gift (which is one best seller from all 3 brands), personal website FREE for one year and our amazing Mimi phone app which is pretty much your very own personal assistant.

If you choose to upgrade your enrollment kit, you can get $500 in product credit for only $100 OR $1000 in product credit for only $200. You choose how you want to spend your product credit!

Stella & Dot Ambassador Enrollment Kit
Our 2020 Enrollment Kit!

*Currently as I am writing this, we are offering a limited time enrollment offer. Through 8/17/2020 you will be gifted two amazing Ever products from our best selling Youthful Trio. If you are reading this after the fact, message me to hear about any current or up and coming specials!

How do I sign up?

That’s simple! Enrolling as an Ambassador is as easy as clicking HERE! It will take no more than 5 minutes and once you click the join button you are officially open for business! Start sharing your website far and wide!

Sound interesting? Have more questions?

I’m here to chat! Just send me an email to and we can connect. Two promises I will make up front. First, there will be no pressure to join and second I will be 100% honest with you so ask me anything!

You may also enjoy clicking through our Opportunity Guide HERE.

If I had you at, “Hello” and you are ready to join…

  • Click this link HERE and then click on “Get Started.”
  • Add the Starter Kit to your bag
  • Choose an upgrade (optional)
  • If you would like me as your Mentor, enter “Rene Kauder” into the “Signing Up With” field
  • Choose a name for your personal website
  • Click on Complete Sign-Up

Once I receive word that you have officially enrolled, I will contact you to set up our first call! If you have any questions or an issue pops up, I’m just an email away at

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