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Introducing Branding on a Budget

I am so excited to launch my brand new service, Branding on a Budget. If you are looking to take the guesswork out of building your visual brand identity, then you have come to the right place!

For the past 4+ years, I have been helping women just like you show up and stand out online with their visual branding. Finally, with a little extra push from an awesome fan club, I decided to pull everything together into a fun and cohesive experience for you!

branding on a budget

Perhaps you have looked into visual branding for your business before and noticed that it could cost you $1000s! Ouch! If you’re anything like me when I started on my new entrepreneurial journey, you’re not ready for that monetary commitment. But, you do recognize that creating a visual brand for yourself will help you stand out from the others doing what you do and get your business recognized and remembered!

This is why I created Branding on a Budget! With my new service, you will get a semi custom, visual branding experience, intended for the early entrepreneur that is fun, easy, fast and most importantly affordable!

It’s not cookie cutter branding either. While we will be working with templates to help you make your decisions, the end product will be customized just for you and your brand. I take on the heavy lifting so you don’t need to add “learning a new graphic editing software” to your already long list of to do items!

If you are ready to…

  • stand out in a crowd
  • build credibility as a brand
  • get recognized and remembered
  • attract your dream clients
  • be the go-to in your industry
  • build your business with confidence

…then Branding on a Budget is for you!

It’s as easy as 1…2…3!

First, your experience begins with a self guided workbook with brand discovery questions which will allow you to really think about what you want your visual brand to convey to your audience.

Next, we dive into identifying your brand’s attributes. Think of this as the vibe your brand gives off to others. We will look closer at typography and the emotions associated with particular fonts and colors and the personality traits associated with each. Using your newly defined brand attributes you will put together a Mood Board in Pinterest which is a lot of fun and probably my favorite part!

The last section of this workbook gives you choices to make for your brand’s typography, colors and logo/header. I will use all of the information you provide me including your Pinterest Mood Board to customize your brand’s new visual identity.

All of this then gets delivered to you in what we call a Brand Kit. Your Brand Kit will not only help you, but will also help anyone you hire in the future to stay ON-BRAND!

If you are ready to get styled by Savvy & Style, click HERE to be sent all the information! I would love to work together!

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