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Throughout the years I have had the privilege and honor of working with the most fabulous women entrepreneurs. It didn’t make sense for me to keep them all to myself so I am excited to launch a new blog called, “I’d like you to meet…”

Each week or so I will introduce you to an amazing female entrepreneur that is pursuing her passion as a FT, PT or side gig business owner. She may even be able to offer you a product or service you need or can offer up some sound advice to help you grow your business.

Without further ado, I would like you to meet Courtney! I met Courtney this year in her role as a VA to another one of my clients and later she became one of my first Branding on a Budget clients! We worked together to nail down her visual branding for her new business, CourtneyKCo.

Name & Business Name: Courtney Kallfelz, Founder of CourtneyKCo.

Where can we find you online? On Instagram, my website, or via email: courtney@courtneykco.com

How long have you been doing your business? Since April 2020 so barely over a year! I became an LLC in February of 2021. 

Tell us a little about you and your background? I am 25 years old, originally from Texas but now living wherever the military takes us (first was Connecticut, then San Diego, CA, and soon Panama City, FL. I have been a military spouse for 6 years now and love to travel alongside my husband whenever possible! I am an obsessed dog mom and enjoy playing golf (thanks to my husbands obsession with it). And most importantly, I love seeing other people succeed, whether I personally help them to their success or get them started in the right direction. I originally went to college for Nursing but realized after finishing 2 years at Texas State and moving to Connecticut that my “dream” of becoming a nurse wasn’t a reality if I was going to be a military spouse. That led me to a few different positions in the golf industry which I loved but never found the growth I was looking for. Now I am happily transitioned full time as a Virtual Assistant and love every second of it! 

What prompted you to start your business? Ever since I became a military spouse a few years ago, I realized that there are not many career paths for us as spouses because we move so often, It’s hard to be a wife that supports your husband as an active duty service member while also wanting to invest in yourself and have a career of your own. I wanted to find a way that military spouses and other women who want to be independent and have a career while having flexibility as life throws you through loops can be connected to a job that allows them to do that. And I quickly realized that there aren’t many accessible options unless you want to be a call center rep with no room for growth or fill out endless surveys where you will never make “enough” money. In addition to this vision I had for military spouses, then came the pandemic. I quickly found myself in need of something flexible and reliable to make money while not being able to work at the resort I was an employee at. The immediate connection I began to make with my first few clients came so natural to me and I quickly learned that I had found my passion. Working as a Virtual Assistant/Social Media Manager/Booking Agent/whatever my clients asked me to be was something I could do from anywhere the Navy took us as long as I had WiFi and my laptop. The flexibility this provided me was something I had never experienced in any job I had worked and that’s when I knew it was what I was meant to do. I have never felt more content and happy in a career knowing that there is endless growth, always something new to learn and I get to help people build their own businesses along the way. 

Who is your target client? Military spouses and stay-at-home moms/new moms looking for a career that is flexible and allows them to be there for their families while having a way to support themselves and their family financially. 

What does your typical morning look like? My typical morning starts around 7:30am and I enjoy a cup of coffee on the couch for the first 30-45min after I wake up. Then I will take my coffee to my desk and log on to check emails from my few different client emails. I will review my calendar along with my clients calendar for the day to make sure there weren’t any changes from the night before. Then I will get to work! Sometimes I get fully ready (dressed, hair and makeup done), but most days you will catch me in leggings and workout clothing with no makeup, glasses on and my hair down naturally! All my clients have seen all of my “working” modes 🙂 

What is one piece of advice you’d give to other small business owners/early entrepreneurs? Follow your passion, do things that speak to your strengths and are energy positive, and never settle for a job or career in an industry that you don’t absolutely love. You can create your own success if you work hard enough and have a little bit of drive to get started. It will be scary, stressful, and overwhelming but it will be worth it. Just get started! 🙂 And find a mentor, someone who wants to cheer you on and who you look up to and hopefully they can guide you along the way because that makes a huge difference. 

If you would like to connect with Courtney to learn more about her services, you can do so HERE.

If you are an early entrepreneur or getting started in the side gig industry and are in need of creating a visual brand, click HERE to learn more about my new service (created with YOU in mind) Branding on a Budget!

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