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Visual Branding and Why You Need it if You’re in Direct Sales

Have you ever wondered how to stand out in a crowd in Direct Sales when there are literally thousands of people vying for the same customers, hostesses and potential team members as you? If the answer is yes, keep reading…

One of the first mistakes I made when I joined a Direct Sales company more then 11 years ago was to take on their brand identity! Everything I bought for my display was turquoise in color and there was a lot of quatrefoil. (All my Stella & Dot OG’s know what I am talking about!) My business cards were bright and colorful and my Facebook pages were full of corporate marketing images and content. There literally wasn’t an ounce of ME in anything I shared with my customers, hostesses or potential team members.

Stella & Dot was a hobby for me for a few years. It was something that provided me a creative outlet from my full time job and let’s face it, back when we weren’t living through a pandemic, a few evenings out each month with the girls! Marketing my business became pretty much lather, rinse and repeat. I followed the trainings and used everything the company’s marketing team provide me. I would even copy and paste posts from other consultants as my own and use their images.

As I started to spend more time on my side gig, I quickly came to realize that if I was going to be successful doing this, I need to inject more of my personality into my business. My customers were returning and shopping with me not because of the marketing emails S&D was sending them, but because I was making connections and building personal relationships with them.

Things I began to hear:

“Wow – you’re not like the last rep we met at a party!”
“I like hosting with you because you aren’t high pressure sales like the last person!”
“I love shopping with you. You’re really knowledgeable about the products and make shopping fun & easy!”

This led me to think about my personal brand outside that of the one I was representing. Sure, it was important for my brand to align with the companies values and mission, but now it was even more important for my personal brand to shine through!

Pro-tip: If you are ever get stuck on defining your personal brand, ask your customers/clients for 3 words they would use to describe you. Their answers and how similar they are will surprise you!

For the purpose of this blog post, I won’t go into my brand discovery journey, (if that is something you’d be interesting in hearing more about, leave me a comment below) but I do want to leave you with a couple things I’ve learned along the way.

In Direct Sales, building personal relationships with your customers is key. But how do you do that when there are literally thousands of others doing what you do? How do you stand out in the crowd?

My top 2 ways to stand out in a crowd:

  1. Determine your unique personality traits and qualities. You’ll then want to amplify those so that your audience gets to know you. By doing this you’ll quickly move to top of mind and become their go to person when they think about shopping that brand again. For me the words everyday, effortless, trustworthy, casual, savvy and style became synonymous with my brand.
  2. Create visual branding for your business. Choose colors that speak to you and your personailty. Create a logo to use on your visuals. Choose one or 2 fonts to use in your marketing. When you create consistent visuals for your audience, you not only build credibility but you also get recognized and remembered! If I were to guess, you are doing a lot more business on social platforms today compared to the days of when your mom attended the neighborhood Tupperware parties. You want to have a scroll stopping brand!

More on visual branding:

When I realized I needed a more personalized approach to my business, I googled “visual branding” and was discouraged when I saw costs in the $1000s. As an early entrepreneur just starting out in a side hustle I wasn’t ready for that kind of monetary commitment. Luckily I have always enjoyed working on visuals and graphics so I was able dig in and start defining my own visual branding. (I know this isn’t the case for everyone so if you need help in this area, I’m here for you!)

I feel like I am in a unique position here. I’ve been in Direct Sales for over 11 years and I also have an interest in visual branding. Combine these two passions and you will see how my newest service, Branding on a Budget was born.

It’s been a few a years and a few iterations of my brand visuals (trust me, your brand will evolve over time too – see below). I am still having a blast as a S&D Ambassador while also working with other women on creating their personal brands.

I’ll leave you with this…

As you begin to inject your personality into your direct sales business and share your authentic self, you will begin to attract you ideal customers, hostesses and potential team members. You will see your business flourish.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Branding on a Budget and how to create your scroll stopping brand, click HERE! I also have a number of marketing pieces available in my Template Suite.

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