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My First Fishing Charter

There were a few things that made the bucket list when we moved to Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The first was to eat crab with every meal possible. Going out on a fishing charter was another.

Luckily my sister has contacts and knew exactly who to arrange ours with. During the summers she works at the Big Owl Tiki Bar and the docks there are lined up and down with charter boats.

We had a group of 8 people and we went out on a Sunday at noon for their second charter of the day. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

I lie! It could have been in the low 80’s and I would have been a happy fisherwoman.

Our charter was with Badfish Charters out of Kent Island. Captain Michael and his daughter took us up towards the Rock Hall, MD area to begin our afternoon of live line fishing. We spent a little bit of time looking for the best place to attempt to catch our two per person Rockfish limit. And when the fish weren’t biting, Captain Michael moved us quickly to another spot and then another.

Once we found THE spot it was one fish after another after another! In a matter of 30-45 minutes I would say we were able to catch the boats limit! Of course I was the last one to reel anything in. My shady spot on the boat was not as popular as the back end of the boat with everyone else.

On our way back to the dock we stopped to help replenish Captain Michael’s bait barrel while he filleted and divide up our days catch. Now this was the fishing that I remember doing over 30 years ago.

Cast your line. Reel it in. Repeat!

We got back a little after 6 pm and of course could not leave without having my favorite shrimp tacos at the Big Owl. It was a great day and something I would absolutely do again.

After the Charter…

I loved the idea of having really fresh fish to make for dinner. I found these two recipes for our Rockfish (also known as Striped Bass).

Fish Tacos with Homemade Slaw and Avocado

These fish tacos were amazing! You’ll want to bookmark this recipe HERE. I did not have all the ingredients so I adapted mine a bit to what I did have. I also had fresh mango on hand (see next recipe) and put that on top as well!

Any mild, white fish would be great in this recipe.

Maryland Rockfish & Mango Ceviche

How many times will I get fish this fresh? So I had to try a ceviche preparation. This recipe HERE did not disappoint. After comparing ceviche recipes I decided to let ours sit in the lime juice overnight rather than the 15 minutes suggested by the recipe. I think I may have cut my chunks a little bigger and wanted to make sure they were cooked all the way through.

While my food styling and photography skills leave little to be desired I can tell you both recipes were absolutely delicious!

What’s something you have on your bucket list this summer? Drop me a comment below!


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