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Meet Doramarie

Throughout the years I have had the privilege and honor of working with the most fabulous women entrepreneurs. It didn’t make sense for me to keep them all to myself so I am excited to launch this blog series called, “I’d like you to meet…”

This week I’m excited to introduce you to another amazing female entrepreneur that is pursuing her passion as a FT, PT or side gig business owner. She may even be able to offer you a product or service you need or can offer up some sound advice to help you grow your business.

Without further ado, I would like you to meet Doramarie…

I had the pleasure of meeting Doramarie through the Direct Sales company we work with, Stella & Dot. Dora was fairly local to me so there were some in person events that we would be in attendance at together. Then of course over the past 18 months or so, we have kept in touch online in FB groups.

Most recently Dora and I have been able to work together in a membership/coaching group for women in business called the ACORN Academy. It wasn’t until Doramarie signed up to be one of my first Branding on a Budget clients that I was able to get to know her and her amazing brand more in depth.

Name & Business Name

Doramarie Golanoski and DesigsbyDoramarie  

Where can we find you online? (please provide links)

Instagram | Facebook | VIP Customer Group | YouTube | FASTerWAy | LTK

How long have you been doing your business?

I’ve been with S&D for 6 and a half years, FASTERway since February of this year, and LTK since the beginning of the month.  

Tell us a little about you and your background?

I am a mom of three boys, a wife of my high school sweetheart, and a Substitute Teacher at my Children’s Elementary and High Schools. I began my Keep Collective/S&D Retail Journey in March of 2015 and am a Founding Designer with the company!!! S&D allows me to help others design their own story by wearing their heart on their arm.

What prompted you to start your business?

I began this business to pay for pre-school for my youngest son and I grew to love it!  My business snowballed into something that I could have never imagined and helps me tap into my creative side.  

Who is your target client?

My ideal client is someone who needs a piece of jewelry or an arm stack to represent a moment in time to remember loved ones, embrace their faith, or bring them joy on a daily basis.

What does your typical morning look like?

I wake up between 5 and 5:30 am and create my to-do list, schedule posts on social media, and catch up from the night before. If we have school, I’m making breakfast, lunches, and getting the boys out the door. If we do not have school, then I stay in my jammies all morning working on my business and empowering my teammates to help them work their businesses too.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to other small business owners/early entrepreneurs?

Being consistent is the key to success.  Once you develop systems in your business that work, then you will become successful. 

A Little More about Doramarie’s Visual Branding

One question I ask all my clients before we begin working on their visual brand is, “How would you describe your brand’s style?”

I could tell from Doramarie’s answer that she didn’t even need to think about this one…Her response was, “Classic like a box of original Legos with a whole lot of fun!”

The word “FUN” actually appeared a lot in Doramarie’s responses along with bright, energetic and creative. I would say that we delivered in that department!

Doramarie’s Final Brand Kit

With some back and forth and tweaking until we got it just right, we landed on this gorgeous Brand Kit that represents Doramarie’s brand and business, DesignsbyDoramarie to a tee!

Make sure to go check her out on IG to see how she uses her new Brand Kit as well as give her a follow! You’ll love getting to know her better if you don’t already!

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