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    How to Build your Simple Skincare Regimen

    Ever Regimen

    Are you interested in building a simple skincare regimen, but you have some questions? Perhaps you are wondering how many products do you need? How much will it cost? Which products will be right for your skin? In what order should you be applying these products? And what do the products even do? I’m excited to share with you my step-by-step guide to to building your simple skincare regimen for flawless, glowing skin. I can’t wait for you to see how simple this can be! The Products First, let’s talk about the products that will help you build your simple skincare regimen. I’m going to reference products from Ever Skincare,…

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    My Friday Favorites

    At computer

    It’s that time of the week again. My Friday Favorites are here. Like many of you, I have been shopping safely from the comfort of my home these past couple of months. Groceries, small kitchen appliances, beauty products, accessories and even house plants, you can shop for anything online! Each week I will share a list of my five favorite products or items I am loving and couldn’t live without! Here are my 5 favorites for this week… 1. Crush It Back Pack The Crush It Backpack has been a top seller for me these past 2 years. The backpack is a summer essential for day trips, exploring, travel, hiking,…

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    How to Deal with the Dreaded Maskne

    Retinol Oil

    Have you heard of Maskne before now? When I mentioned it to my husband the other day, he thought I was crazy. But it’s absolutely a thing. So, what exactly is Maskne (pronounced mask-knee)? It is the combination of sweat, oil, and moisture from prolonged breathing under a mask. This can clog your pores, therefore, causing an acne flare up. Chances are you live in an area like me where masks are required in public places. Or maybe you are a Front Line worker (aka, HERO so thank you very much for all you do) and you have no choice but to wear one for 8+ hours a day. Since…

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    My Ever Skincare Routine

    I have been using Ever’s “cleanical” products for about 5 years and could not imagine using anything else! I start with Ever Skincare’s Pure Results Regimen which is proven to target the top 10 visible signs of aging. You can fully customize yours based on your skincare needs. (Dry, oily or normal/combination skin). It’s a 4 step regimen but you will see there are 5 products as part of it (one daytime moisturizer with SPF and one night time without). My night time routine is as follows (on most nights): Step 1: I will wash my face with Luminous Cleanser. This is a nutrient-rich Cleansing Balm for dry skin. It…